Over the past 3 years, it has been a delight to drop off my son to Alison’s creative writing classes. No matter the weather or season, we were always greeted by a cheery smile and Alison’s enthusiasm was no less diminished two hours later at pickup time!

What I have seen evolve in my son during this journey, is his ability to weave a story rich in narrative.
School (at least Junior school) does not allow enough time to pursue writing in all its facets and so Alison’s classes have added depth as well as fun to my son’s education. I don’t think he really knew what he was capable of and now I think he is much less daunted when asked to write in the classroom ( or perhaps anywhere?).

Thank you Alison for your insights and passion
— Anita
I really enjoyed Alison’s creative writing class as she made it easy for me to think of lots of different ideas and write freely what I wanted. She helped me to structure my paragraphs better and made me think of areas where I needed to slow down and add more details. Most of all, she made it fun
— Nathan, 8 years old
I would just like to thank you so much for teaching Eiki , you have inspired her to write and improved her English. Last year she was just writing sentences and now I can see she can write a story on her own, you have been a fabulous , kind and dedicated teacher . The best teacher in Australia . No wonder it has been always so hard to book into your classes. Everyone wants to glue to you 😁
— Eileen
Nathan really enjoyed your classes Alison. Thank you for making the class so fun. It was really great seeing him looking forward to the next class and getting enthusiastic about his story. I can really feel your passion and love for writing. Thanks again!
— Marina